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Venneker Polska Sp. z o.o.

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VENNEKER – full professionalism and competence resulting from experience.

The history of the Viehhandel Venneker company dates back to 1969. At that time, possessing one trailer, Josef Venneker decided, along with his wife, to expand his business to include the sale and transportation of animals. Since then, the Viehhandel Venneker company has continuously grown, maintaining its family character to this day thanks to the owner of the company – Albert Venneker and the CEO Heinz Venneker.

Currently, the companies centered around the Venneker family form the VENNEKER Group, which handles activities in the areas of:

  • trading in live animals, primarily piglets, slaughter pigs, and cattle,
  • logistics and transportation of live animals while maintaining the highest level of their welfare,
  • trading in natural fertilizer (manure, slurry) and advising on its use to improve crop yields.


Specialization in importing piglets and piglets from Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Hungary, as well as buying and selling fattening pigs to slaughterhouses.

The main area of activity of VENNEKER Poland Sp. z o.o. is focused on importing the best Danish genetics of piglets and piglets in the world, as well as buying fattening pigs from Polish breeders and then selling them to slaughterhouses in Poland or abroad. Both in the field of trading piglets and piglets, as well as in buying fattening pigs, we operate comprehensively, providing professional and proven animal transport and then efficient realization of settlements.

We also invite cooperation in the field of trading cattle, fertilizers or farm products (feed and consumption).