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Venneker Polska Sp. z o.o.

Transport of slaughter animals

In the process of transporting weaners or young cattle, we use the experience and professionalism of both Polish and foreign transport companies. All carriers are required to have the required licenses and to transport purchased animals while maintaining the maximum level of their welfare.

As part of the group of companies united under the “Venneker” brand, we have at our disposal a fleet of about 100 means of transport of such brands as: Volvo, DAF or Mercedes-Benz. These vehicles meet the highest environmental requirements and are equipped with the most modern devices to ensure proper conditions for animals in long-term transport. Guaranteeing the highest standards of transport in the transport of fattenings lies with the slaughterhouse, and the inspections carried out by our staff are to guarantee you the maintenance of the highest quality of animals for slaughter until the place of slaughter.

Our logistician deals with the organization of the animal transport process and supervision over its proper course.

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